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Friday, 21 August 2009

StumbleUpon WebToolbar - 55 Epic, Weird and Totally Awesome Images | Presidia Creative

StumbleUpon WebToolbar - 55 Epic, Weird and Totally Awesome Images | Presidia Creative

kandasamy review, mallana review, kantaswamy review, kandasamy movie

"Kandasamy or kanthaswamy tamil movie review and story, this Kandaswamy strarring Vikram, Shriya, in main lead roles, this film which has been released today. The hero vikram will be playing as Robin Hood type movie for the first time, as for the news kantaswamy is all set release with 900 prints world wide.

The movie is produced bilingual and in Telugu they titled as Mallanna or Malanna as for the tollywood title. Kantasamy features eye-popping special effects. People who those submit their problems to Kandasamy by writing them on a piece of paper and tie them to a tree in the temple, their problems are solved."

Megan Wants A Millionaire Killer

"An arrest warrant has been issued against Ryan Alexander Jenkins, the contestant of the reality show, “Megan Wants a Millionaire”, for the murder of Jasmine Fiore, according to reports. 28-year-old Jasmine Fiore was a swimsuit model and her nude body was found earlier this week in dumpster stuffed in a suitcase. Jasmine Fiore was murdered brutally as her fingers and teeth were missing. Jenkins was the suspect as he was missing since the day when Fiore’s body was found. Police believed that Jenkins was having a relationship with Jasmine Fiore which was confirmed later on."

Kim Zolciak Real Hair Pictures Without a wig | Ready2Beat

"Big Poppa's Girlfriend Kim zolciak real hair Photos Collection

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim zolciak used to wear wig to his head normally. The curvy blond Kim's romance with mystery millionaire Big Papa aroused viewers’s interest while speculation about her age and her hair heat up the Internet Search. Kim Zolciak hasn't discussed her hair/wig on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” yet.

Now check out kim zolciak without his wig and check out his real hairs."

Howdah question on Who Want’s to be a Millionaire

Howdah question on Who Want’s to be a Millionaire: "What is a Howdah? That was one of the questions on tonight’s episode of Who Want’s to be a Millionaire.

If you picked the answer stating that a howdah the seat used to sit on top of an elephant, you would have won!

According to Wikipedia, a howdah is:

A howdah, or houdah, is a carriage which is positioned on the back of an elephant, or occasionally some other animal, used most often in the past to carry wealthy people or for use in hunting or warfare. It was also a symbol of wealth for the owner, and as a result were decorated with expensive gems."

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Chase Sapphire Enters the High-End Credit Card Market | Business Pundit

"JP Morgan Chase unveiled the Chase Sapphire last night, a new credit card aimed at high-end consumers. Bloomberg has more:

Chase Sapphire, targeted at households with incomes exceeding $120,000, has no pre-set spending limit and holders earn a point for every dollar they spend. Chase is seeking customers beyond its 152 million cards issued in North America.

“Our desire is to make sure we have exactly the right product in the hands of our customers,” Gordon Smith, chief executive officer of the card division, said in an Aug. 17 interview. “If we cannibalize ourselves and move customers from one product to another, but we capture more of their business, then we’re absolutely fine with that.”

The Sapphire card will be available on the Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. networks, an advantage for JPMorgan because those cards are accepted in more places than American Express, Smith said. Visa was accepted at 8 million U.S. locations last year compared with 7.9 million for MasterCard and 4.6 million for American Express, according to the Nilson Report, an industry newsletter.

To find out more about the card, visit the Chase Sapphire website."

OneRiot.com - Schwartzman Marries Brady Cunningham

"Jason Schwartzman Weds Brady Cunningham
Actor Jason Schwartzman tied the knot with clothing designer Brady Cunningham on July 11 at their home in the San Fernando Valley, Calif."

Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily » R.I.P. Don Hewitt

"Under his expert producer's eye, 60 Minutes became not just a consistent time slot winner for CBS but also an occasional chronicler of the behind-the-scenes of showbiz for the consumer audience. For instance, back in January 1975, Sue Mengers was being touted as Hollywood's hottest agent, a title that was sanctified when Don Hewitt profiled the agent on 60 Minutes. The segment featured the agent fielding phone calls from the rich and famous. “Hi, Gore,” (As in Vidal) “Hi, Mick.” (As in Jagger) (Mike Wallace’s last question to her was, “Do you ever pinch yourself and say, ‘Who, me?’” 'Yeah, a lot,” Mengers replied. “And then I say, ‘Who deserves it more?’”)"

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Megadeth: “1,320″ Premieres at MegaFanClub « 37prime

"Dave Mustaine has made “1,320″ available for your listening pleasure. It is first available through MegaFanClub (Megadeth Fan Club) and will be streaming at Roadrunner Records site. As usual the MegaFanClub system overlord (that’s you, McRobb!) is threatening the members to not share the track somewhere else.

Check back for the link to the WMV stream.
Don’t worry Mr. McRobb, I’ll wait till the embargo ends."

Snitch.name snitches your name | The Composed Gentleman

"I love Snitch.name.

Snitch.name searches information about your friends, mates, new collegues in various important places online, such as social sites and directories. You can also see how the name ranks on the social web.

Snitch.name? Why not just use Google? There are several advantages over a plain Google search! Some of them are:

1. There are several social sites that are not indexed by Google at all or in a very limited way. As has Tim O'Reilly agreed on: 'Social sites like Facebook/Flickr grow exponentially without being indexed by Google'.
2. Depending on your privileges to the various social sites, you’ll always get the maximum information that you are allowed to get. For example if you are in someone’s network in Facebook you’ll get more information in snitch.name than you would get directly from a Google search.
3. Google will not necessarily give higher ranking to results that are “people profiles”, so you get a whole bunch of results from mailing lists, forums, etc. that might have little value to you.
4. With snitch.name you get all the results expanded in your page so you can print them all at once and have them available when you are away from your computer."


"New Delhi, Aug 16, 2009: Big Brother 11 Jordan HOH, dethrones Michele. In Big Brother it is getting very confused. We had expected that with Chima Simone gone there will be a few moment of civility in the show, but I was apparently wrong."

Much-Touted Ratings Victory Over Meet The Press | TheNewsPk

Much-Touted Ratings Victory Over Meet The Press | TheNewsPk: "Much-Touted Ratings Victory Over Meet The Press: A week after George Stephanopoulos‘ much-touted ratings victory over Meet the Press(and no, there wasn’t tennis on NBC; just a weak lineup of guests), the David Gregory-moderated show is back on top.

“Meet the Press” had 2.99 million viewers last Sunday versus 2.68 million for ABC’s “This Week,” according to Nielsen Media Research."