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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Lions opening preseason against Falcons | Detroit Free Press | Freep.com

It's a day of firsts for many Lions. Jim Schwartz. Matthew Stafford. The new uniforms.

The game's national anthem singer stood at midfield with a malfunctioning microphone for about 30 awkward seconds, then was handed one that worked only intermittently.

The sparse crowd at Ford Field helped out by singing along during the odd scene.

However, Detroit did get off to a solid start against the Atlanta Falcons in the preseason opener for both teams.

The Lions forced Atlanta to punt on its first possession, then drove down the field and kicked a field goal to take an early lead.

The game can be seen on CBS (Channel 62 in Detroit) at 8 p.m., but you can find out what happened before it's on TV here at freep.com.

You can hear the game on WXYT-FM (97.1)."

Paul Mccartney Piedmont Park

Paul Mccartney Piedmont Park: "Paul Mccartney Piedmont Park, Paul McCartney will appear at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA as it hosts the Green Concert this Saturday. It’s not called Green for color reasons, it’s an environmentally themed concert.

“The Green Concert at Piedmont Park is back and bigger than ever! This year’s concert, in honor of the Conservancy’s 20th anniversary, will feature the musical genius of Sir Paul McCartney and special guests The Script. Join us on Saturday, August 15, in the restored 10th Street Meadow."

Big Brother 11 Chima quit

Big Brother 11 Chima quit: "Big Brother 11 chima quit, Latest updates about Big Brother 11 chima quit. Chima Simone is no longer a part of the Big Brother 11 cast.

Early this morning, the live feeds went to fish for about 90 minutes. When the live feeds returned, it was apparent that Chima is no longer a part of Big Brother 11.

At this point, we don’t know if she was asked to leave or quit on her own. We do know that several houseguests were wondering who the replacement nominee would be and if there would be a replacement houseguest for the jury house."

The Free Zone

The Free Zone: "Welcome to The Free Zone - Created by normal people to combat the growing number of spam mails sent out in response to genuine personal ads. Having received some of this ourselves we felt it only right we give you a page to bookmark that will offer you everything they offer you but for FREE. To be on this page the site has to be tested by ourselves and offer free membership which includes a comprehensive and worthwhile free members area not just be there as an enticement to make you buy.

We would love to check out any links that you may recommend so get in touch and enjoy the site!"

Thursday, 13 August 2009

'District 9' movie review: Aliens, humans worlds apart in Blomkamp's sci-fi vision - NJ.com

'District 9' movie review: Aliens, humans worlds apart in Blomkamp's sci-fi vision - NJ.com: "'District 9' Movie Review -- Take the man/mutant of 'The Fly,' add the giant strap-on robot of 'Aliens,' spice with some 'Alien Nation' subtext -- and one dash of 'The Office' -- and you've got something close to 'District 9.' You've also got the wildest science-fiction film to come out all year.

The story takes place 20 years after an extraterrestrial ship has stalled just outside of -- or rather, above -- Johannesburg, South Africa. Two decades later, the hapless aliens live in walled-off, brutally poor ghettos."

Ashley Greene Dirty Photos | Leaked Pics

Ashley Greene Dirty Photos | Leaked Pics: "Ashley Greene Dirty Photos – leaked Pics, Twilight star Ashley Greene is the latest victim of another photo scandal. Ashley Greene is a rising young star, who will have her big break playing Alice Cullen in Twilight due out this winter 2008. Greene is a southern girl from Jacksonville, Florida, who moved to Los Angeles fresh out of high school to pursue an acting career. She broke into Hollywood with roles in popular television shows including Ashton Kutcher’s prank show Punk’d and Fox’s MADtv."

Les Paul Dies - ArtsBeat Blog - NYTimes.com

Les Paul Dies - ArtsBeat Blog - NYTimes.com: "Update | 5:44 p.m. Les Paul, the virtuoso guitarist and inventor whose solid-body electric guitar and recording studio innovations changed the course of 20th-century popular music, died Thursday in White Plains. He was 94.

The cause was complications of pneumonia, Gibson Guitar announced."

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

YouTube - super michael jackson bros

YouTube - super michael jackson bros

(new realtime results) OneRiot - Realtime Search for the Realtime Web

(new realtime results) OneRiot - Realtime Search for the Realtime Web: "Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant! - E! Online
Kourtney Kardashian is going to be a mom! Sources confirm the E! reality star is pregnant with her first child. Ms."

Live Football Streams » Watch Mexico vs USA Live Stream Online – 12th August – CONCACAF Qualifier

Live Football Streams » Watch Mexico vs USA Live Stream Online – 12th August – CONCACAF Qualifier: "Watch Mexico vs USA live at LivefootballStreams from the World Cup 2010 Qualifying Round.

Costa Rica leaped into 1st place in the previous round of matches, leaving the USA with work to do to secure their qualification from Round 4. Mexico trail even further behind with only 6 points from 5 matches, in danger of dropping to 2nd bottom. Alot is at stake for both sides, if the rivalry itself wasn’t already enough. This is set to be one of the most important qualification matches in CONCACAF.

The action from Azteca, Mexico City is available to watch live on your PC or Mac from 9pm (British Time – Check your local timezone). Catch the match online worldwide!"

Meteor Shower Puts on a Show - CBS News

Meteor Shower Puts on a Show - CBS News: "The annual Perseid meteor shower put on quite a show Tuesday night for stargazers from Europe to California.

Astronomers predicted that as many as up to 100 meteors per hour would streak across the sky during the shower's peak.

The display was visible for many lucky enough to have clear skys in the northern hemisphere, but in North America, the best time to watch was just before dawn Wednesday.

Astronomers said the best way to ensure a good view was to move away from cities and other heavily lit areas.

The Perseid shower occurs every summer when the Earth's orbit crosses the path of debris thrown off by Comet Swift-Tuttle."

Free Car Media

Free Car Media: "Free Car Media is a company that provides 'paid to drive' programs. These are those near mythical programs that we've all heard about but never really quite managed to pin down. You know, you get a free car plastered with ads and you get the car for free just for driving it around?

The strange thing is these offers, 'paid to drive' really do exist and Free Car Media (their website is myfreecar.com) is one of the companies that offers them. A few things you should know about these paid to drive offers though."

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Miley Cyrus 'pole dance' at Teen Choice Awards: This mom isn't happy - Parental Guidance - Kate Krier - NJ.com

Miley Cyrus 'pole dance' at Teen Choice Awards: This mom isn't happy - Parental Guidance - Kate Krier - NJ.com: "This morning, I read about Miley Cyrus and her pole dancing routine on the Teen Choice Awards. I watched the video of her routineThe Huffington Post .

People are all up in arms about Miley's pole performance. You all remember she is sixteen, right? I don't know what her parents are thinking....

Now, as I am reading more about the Teen Choice Awards, I find out that Dane Cook - who is always an appropriate choice as host for teenages, don't you think? - had a joke about Vanessa Hudgens that was scrapped from the Monday broadcast of the awards show. He told her 'Girl, you gots to keep your clothes on! Phones are for phone calls, girl.'

Shockingly, while I may actually agree with Dane Cook, I find it pretty amusing that Vanessa Hudgens is told to keep her clothes on while sixteen-year-old Miley Cyrus pole dances atop an ice cream cart during her music performance. Really? Is it me? Does anyone else see the irony in this?"

The EPA Gives Could Give the Chevy Volt a 230 MPG Rating. What? - washingtonpost.com

The EPA Gives Could Give the Chevy Volt a 230 MPG Rating. What? - washingtonpost.com: "You know that strange viral marketing campaign popping up around the Interwebs as of late? Well, we know what it means now thanks to GM's CEO Fritz Henderson and it's somewhat impressive - and a tad dubious. GM is claiming that under the new EPA guidelines, the Chevy Volt will hit 230 MPG. The Volt would be the first car to ever earn a triple digit number.Take a look at the current high-mileage kings and that 230 MPG rating really sinks in. The EPA handed the Prius a 51 MPG city ranking and the Insight a 41 MPG. The EPA says that the Ford Fusion hybrid can get 41 in the city and the Camary Hybrid 40 MPG in the city. With hyper-mileage tactics like killing the engine to coast down hills and fancy pedal work, a few obsessed drivers have pushed a few of these cars into triple digit territory."

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Obama tackles healthcare critics

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Obama tackles healthcare critics: "US President Barack Obama has accused some opponents of his healthcare reform proposals of trying to 'scare the heck' out of people.

Anti-reform campaigners had created 'bogeymen out there that just aren't real', he said at a town-hall style meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Passing a healthcare reform bill is Mr Obama's top domestic priority for 2009.

But in recent weeks, opponents of reform have been making serious accusations about his proposals."

Best show in the universe - The Perseid meteor shower (August 2009)

Best show in the universe - The Perseid meteor shower (August 2009): "The best show in the universe - the Perseid meteor shower, takes place August 11 – 12, 2009.

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the most rewarding night sky shows of the year and it almost never fails to meet expectations.

As the time draws closer for best viewing of the meteor shower, activity is picking up. The Perseids began in mid-July, with one or two meteors racing through the night sky. According to www.space.com , “The Perseids regularly produce 50 to 150 meteors per hour -- more than 1 per minute -- under dark skies. This year's peak hourly rate is expected to be on the low end of the range, likely around 50.”

Astronomers say that the best times to watch will be the overnight hours on August 11/12 and August 12/13. “The peak is forecast to occur August 12, between 14h and 17h UT, or Universal Time,” said Rainer Arlt, an astronomer at Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam in Germany. Unfortunately, that's 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. EDT." more..

Ashley Greene Scandal Pictures Leaked (Photos) | Ferdielicious.com

Ashley Greene Scandal Pictures Leaked (Photos) | Ferdielicious.com: "Twilight actress Ashley Greene’s scandal pictures and photos are said to have been spreading all over the internet like wildfire. It is confirmed that the alleged scandalous pictures of Twilight New Moon’s starlet have already surfaced the internet showing a sexy Ashley Greene with no clothes on. According to some press reports, her legal counsel have already issued a statement about the alleged scandal pictures that were leaked saying:

“The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed. Our client intends to take legal action.”"

Monday, 10 August 2009

Baby Found Alive In Coffin

In Paraguay, doctors declared a newly born baby dead but the miracle baby boy was found alive when he was taken home for his funeral.

The Telegraph reported,A few hours later, the baby boy’s body in a temporary coffin was delivered to Alvarenga’s home by the hospital. The boy was declared dead by the hospital an hour after his birth and his death certificate was also delivered with the baby’s body to his home.

In Alvarenga’s home, the mourning relatives of the baby were shocked when the baby began to cry. The miracle boy weighs just about 1 pound and he was born 16 weeks pre-maturely. The condition of the baby is now stable.

Acer Aspire Core 2 Duo 16″

The Acer Aspire AS6930-6067 or AS6935-6194 features an 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 processor, 4GB DDR2, 16.0″ Acer CineCrystal WXGA TFT display at a 1366 x 768 resolution, 320GB SATA HDD, Intel GMA 4500MHD, 105-key keyboard, integrated Super-Multi optical drive, and Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium.

The processor performs well, 4GB of RAM run well with Vista OS (which is quite good after the updates), 320GB of storage is enough, this is not a gaming laptop so the graphics card is not important although you can play some great games, everything looks good on this bright display, the optical drive is average and it makes a lot of noise, while the keyboard is Acer-like and that’s very good.

The Acer Aspire Core 2 Duo 16″ Notebook comes packed with 5-in-1 multimedia card reader, VGA port, HDMI port w/HDCP, WLAN 802.11a/b/g/Draft-n, Ethernet RJ-45 LAN, V .92 RJ-11 modem, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, 3 x USB 2.0 port, built-in stereo speakers, built-in stereo microphones with beam-forming, echo-cancellation and noise suppression, 3.5mm headphone jack (but you can also plug a pair of speakers), microphone jack, line-in port, multimedia controls, and a four-way touch-pad with scroll button.

In the connectivity area the Acer Aspire AS6930-6067 or AS6935-6194 Core 2 Duo 16″ Notebook stands in very well. WiFi is a must, Blueooth and the USB ports as well, the Ethernet connection is welcome at home, and the touchpad gives a really nice feeling, it’s just … so soft.

Acer Aspire AS6930-6067 or AS6935-6194 Core 2 Duo 16″ Notebook measures 15.2″ x 10.9″ x 1.6-1.7″, and it weighs 7.5 lbs while carrying a 6-cell Li-ion battery. The notebook is not very small, but this was in favor of the 16-inch screen, and it’s not too lightweight either as it comes packed with a long spec list. The battery is not that good as it provides only 2.5 hours of battery life.


* Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Processor T6400 2MB L2 cache, 2.0GHz, 800MHz FSB
* Acer CineCrystal 16.0” WXGA (1366×768) TFT display
* 4GB (2/2) DDR2 667 SDRAM
* 320GB SATA hard drive
* Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Operating System
* Integrated Super-Multi optical drive (DVD - Super Multi DL)
* 5-in-1 card reader for MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO or xD-Picture Card
* 105-key keyboard, inverted T cursor layout, embedded numeric keypad, hotkey controls, 2.5mm minimum key travel, international language support
* Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
* VGA port and HDMI port with HDCP (high-bandwidth digital-content protection) support
* 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N WLAN
* Gigabit ethernet LAN
* V.92 modem
* Acer PureZone technology with two integrated stereo microphones featuring beam-forming, echo-cancellation and noise-suppression technologies
* Second-generation Dolby® Home Theater audio enhancement
* Two integrated stereo speakers
* One Acer Tuba CineBass booster supporting low-frequency effects
* Headphones/speaker/line-out with SPDIF support, microphone and line-in ports
* Microsoft DirectSound compatibility
* Bluetooth® 2.0 + EDR (enhanced data rate) wireless PAN
* 12 function, four cursor, two Microsoft® Windows® keys; independent US dollar and Euro sign keys
* Volume control, Play/pause, stop, previous, next media control
* Touchpad with four-way integrated scroll button
* Dimensions: 15.2” (385.0mm) W x 10.9” (277.5mm) D x 1.6” – 1.7” (41.0mm – 43.9mm) H
* Weight: 7.5 lb. (3.4kg)
* Six-cell lithium ion battery

Erica Cox Bitten

Erica Cox was the co-star of Jason Mewes in the movie ‘Bitten’, released in 2008. Bitten was a low budget black comedy vampire movie. Erica Cox played a female vampire named Danika in this movie while Jason played Jack, a paramedic who rescues Danika after she suffered a deadly attack. When he tried to take her to the hospital, Danika refused to go, than he took her home and care for her until she recovered. Apparently he fell in love with her but with the passage of time; he discovered that his love is a vampire. Wow! What a couple, a paramedic and a vampire.

Bitten was directed by Harvey Glazer and the writers for this movie were Tim McGregor and Tyler Levine. The movie was very interesting as it featured a vampire doing comedy, which is very unusual. It was said to be a vampire movie with a comedic theme.

Erica Cox was born in Canada. She is a tall girl of 5?8”. The girl with hazel eyes and black hair was a student at the University of Guelph, Ontario. She studied there with Judith Thompson. She also took acting classes at Second City and Armstrong Acting Studio in Toronto. On March 15, 2009, the movie ‘Bitten’ was aired on Sci Fi Channel.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Kodak’s Z18 camcorder

Kodak’s Z18 camcorder, announced today, has the same chunky shape as the Zi6, Kodak’s flagship pocket cam and the same color-blocked design as the smaller, water-resistant Zx1. Although it’s not the first YouTube cam to shoot 1080p video, it’s certainly a first for Kodak.

Even more than the resolution bump, though, the biggest change is the introduction of image stabilization, a feature I’ve wanted to see in pocket cams in general. Even though it’s electronic, and not optical, I’d still expect it to offset the shakiness that mars even the crispest of HD pocket cam footage.

Other upgrades include 5-MP still photo shooting, a larger 2.5-inch display, and an external mic jack (since camcorders like this aren’t exactly known for delivering impressive sound). Like the Zi6 and Zx1, it has an SD/SDHC slot, accommodating cards as large as 32GB. It also comes with an HDMI cable.

The Zi8 costs $179 and is available in black, red, and blue.

* Record High Definition video (1080p at 30 fps with 16:9 aspect ratio)
* Easily upload recorded footage to YouTube with built-in USB and software
* Expandable SD/SDHC card slot up to 32 GB; Rechargeable batteries and charger included
* Vibrant 2.5-inch viewfinder; Watch footage on HDTV with included cables
* Edit and share videos with included software


It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, but why would you ever want to put it there? Whether out on the town or just hanging with friends, the Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera captures every experience in stunning 1080p HD video. Stay in focus while you’re on the move with integrated image stabilization. Then kick back and watch all the action on your HDTV or share your scene on YouTube with the built-in USB. The Zi8 pocket video camera has all you need to define yourself in high definition.