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Monday, 31 August 2009

Jay-Z The Blueprint 3 Leaks

Well, you have to give the guy points for effort, if nothing else. Right?

According to hundreds of blogs, Internet forums, Twitter accounts and so on, Jay-Z’s highly anticipated eleventh studio album, The Blueprint 3, leaked earlier today. Looking to make its release a BIG event, the NYC rapper had scheduled the album’s release date for Sept. 11, exactly eight years after both 9/11 and the release of the original Blueprint record. In an effort to avoid the inevitable early leak (nice try!), he had planned to hand deliver the album, himself, to the necessary record distributors. But alas. It leaked all the same. Lots of tears I’m sure.

As to the actual album, it features 15 tracks and just about as many guest spots – apparently Hova likes company in his old age. It also features the production work of Kanye West, No I.D. and Timbaland (plus one-offs by Swizz Beatz, The Neptunes, The Inkredibles & Al Shux). Overall, it sounds pretty good. But yeah, nothing on the original. What’s your take though?

(Note: While you won’t find the leaked album here, you could, if you wanted, try Googling “megaupload” or “rapidshare” + “blueprint 3″ and you’ll … oh nevermind.)

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