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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Lilian Garcia leaving WWE

Sadly Lilian Garcia announced that she will be leaving WWE. That’s like one of the saddest days ever. Well, she first announced the she is quitting on Monday night at RAW, however, all the good stuff happens on Twitter and the WWE Diva also posted on the popular micro-blogging service that she’s going away. Another nice thing that she posted was a very nice picture with her very nice WWE Divas and a very nice cake.

So are you going to be affected by Garcia’s departure? I am. She’s a very beautiful lady, and… I don’t know, that’s pretty much it. I guess it’s good for her that she created a Twitter frenzy as thousands of users were adding the #ThankYouLilian hashtag at the end of their posts. The #ThankYouLilian movement is sure getting big, but in the meantime we’re just sad that Lilian Garcia is leaving WWE for a better life or because she’s just bored.

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