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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Death after swine flu vaccine and more reports flooding in

Yesterday 30 people had been reporting to the authorities in Sweden that they experienced such severe side effects that they felt the need to contact a hospital. Today the number is 140. The swedish newspaper Expressen is the only one in Sweden reporting on these cases and as usual this is most likely only the tip of a rather large iceberg. UPDATE: According to Dagens Nyheter, the number of reported side effects are now a few hours later 190. 1 person dies after the injection but "no direct relation with the injection has been established". The biggest medical scandal in the history of Sweden has just started.

Even so, Annika Linde, director of The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI) manages to spin this into something positive by stating "The vaccine has more side effects than the normal flu vaccine. It is a sign that proves that it gives an effective protection."

Thousands of Swedes have been vaccinated so far and the reports of side effects are "flooding in" to The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control (SMI). Annika Linde: "It is obviously so that the vaccine against the swine flu results in more side effects than the normal flu vaccines. That is because the swine flu vaccine contains adjuvants, shark liver oil, which triggers the immune defense to respond. That also results in that the protection against the virus becomes better."

Several severe cases of allergic reactions are reported to the unit for medicinal safety. "So far the reported side effects are not unexpected", says Gunilla Sjölin Forsberg. This unit has now asked some of the many units that vaccinate to report side effects to better get a grip on the situation. This statement alone is shocking since according to normal practice, all side effects should automatically be reported - right?

A nurse who took the shot on wednesday last week is still feeling sick. She got high fever and shivers from the swine flu shot. "-I was shaking in my whole body. It was so sever that I could not even hold a glass of water in my hand.", Lotta Lindström says.

"- I am now thinking about what it is I have been injected with. I really was affected. It feels really unpleasant."

De blev sjuka av vaccinet - Hälsa - Expressen.se

Maria Strindlund is not so sure she made the right choice to tae the shot. She also got a severe fever and shivering reaction. "- Since I work as a nurse, I decided it was the best thing to do.", she says. At first she felt nothing from the vaccinaton, but a few hours later the side effects kicked in. "- I got a extreme pain in my arm. I could no longer lift it." The came the fever and the shivering. " _ I was lying in bed shivering and was feeling very cold and stood in a hot shower to get warm." She says many colleguse who also took the vaccine have had similar reactons. She has been taking many vaccines in the past without any reactions whatsoever.

Maria, 27: "Fick fruktansvärt ont" - Hälsa - Expressen.se

Rebecka Andersson was the first person to get the shot in Sweden. She became feverish and felt sick to her stomach from the shot. " - I lost all energy", she says. "-I am normally never sick so I understood it must be the vaccine." Her class mates was vaccinated at the same time and she states that five out of nineteen also got sick from the swine flu vaccine.

Rebecka, 32: "Jag blev orkeslös" - Hälsa - Expressen.se

Lotta Lindström, a nurse, states that she got the shot a week ago and still is not well. "- It feels very worrying", she says. "- I did not sleep anything the night after the shot since the pain in my arm was so severe." The day after, at work, the fever came. She later had headaches. She still today, a week after the shot feels sick.

Lotta, 49: "Jag sov inte något på natten" - Hälsa - Expressen.se

Another nurse, Jennely, could hardly walk five meters after she got sick from the "swine flu" vaccination. She was completely healthy when she got the shot but the day after she had 39 degrees centigrade fever (102.2 F). "- I could hardly walk the five meters I had to the bathroom", she says. The fever lasted for three days. sevreal of her colugueges at work had similar experiences. "- I know of at least ten that got fever , we are about 80 people at my workplace."



  1. my wife is pregnant and I am worried about her, can anyone advice me about her experience to take the vaccine in pregnancy

  2. You are going to get as many answers as there are opinions. Trust yourself and take care of your growing family. Trust your self.

  3. Anonimous saiys:
    If your wife is pregnant, it is not recommended to take the vaccine.
    We don't know what it does to the baby.
    Stay away from sick people, take the usual precautions,but it is better that she doen't get the vaccine.
    In Germany they do not recommend pregnant women to take the vaccine.

  4. If so many people are having side effects why on earth are peopls still getting it! The vaccine is to strong with the virus or something.

  5. My kids just got the shot today. God I hope I did the right thing, after reading this I don't know if I want my small 3 year old to get it.

  6. my daughter got the shot,it has been 5 weeks already and nothing is happening.She only got a sore arm the day after.I was glad so far that she didnt develop GBS from that.She never had the reg flu shot though and dont beleive in them.She is at high risk and being that the swine flu could have a serious consequance,if she got the swine flu,cause she us epiliptic.I do feel quilty now about giving her the shot,because the swine flu is lightening off here in canada.anne

  7. Well, if that insn't the silliest things I've ever heard. You claim you don't believe in the "reg" flu shot and don't have your kids vaccinated but you'll let your kids get the swine flu vaccination. Let's see, 250,000 people die every year worldwide from the "reg" flu (A and/or B is "reg" I assume), and you want to get your kids vaccinated against the swine flu which has killed around 6,000. The "reg" flu vaccine has been tested over the last several decades with practically no side effects and the swine flu vaccine is, too say the least, a mystery. If you are not willing to gamble with something as safe as the A and B vaccines, I'm surprised you would gamble with something like the H1N1 vaccine. You should also learn how to use the space key better. It's that big long one down there.