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Monday, 5 October 2009

The Tonya Harding Video

Another American celebrity has caught in scandal. The people who have interest in sport of skating will not take a single second to recall the name of Tonya Harding, the former champion of figure skating of America.
The scandal is about a tape, a sex tape, in which she is doing sex with a guy. The man is Jeff Gillooly. It is said that Gillooly had made that tape when Tonya was his life partner and after she broke the relation with him, he sold the tape to a tabloid show for some pennies.
This is regrettable to say that this sex tape is the most searching tape on Google nowadays. I think that this phenomena of celeb’s sex tapes first started with Paris Hilton.
Tonya Mexane Harding is a former American figure skating champion. In 1991, she took 1st position in American figure skating championships. She stood second in the worlds skating championships. She was the second woman and the first American woman who was able to do triple axle jump in competition.
Harding was born in Portland, Oregon, the daughter of LaVona and Al Harding. She had a half brother named Chris Davison (deceased). Her father had health problems which sometimes made him unable to work. Harding claims that her mother abused her physically; a claim denied by her mother. Harding began skating at an early age. She landed her first triple lutz at age 12. Her mother made many of her skating costumes.
She married Jeff Gillooly in 1990, when she was 19 years old. Their tumultuous marriage ended in divorce in 1993, when she was just 22 years old.

Tonya Harding Sex Tape - Click To Watch

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