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Friday, 9 March 2012

Is Snoring Killing You And Ruining Your Workplace Productivity?

Its a peculiar thing but most people consider snoring as funny , they laugh when they talk about how their husband ( or wife ) keeps them awake at night and makes the house shake with their horrendous snoring. The things is as lighthearted as we try and be about it there are some really serious dangers that go alone with snoring and if it's possible to cure it then we should take steps to try.

The dangers involved are to do with the amount of oxygen we get to our brains during the night, anyone who suffers from sleep apnea will know that when they do get up in the morning most of the time they feel less refreshed than when they went to bed in the first place.

Studies have shown that if you receive less sleep per night over the long run you will die younger, there is no doubt about that. The number of hours sleep you need does vary from person to person but the average individual needs approximately 7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep a night.

Not only does it affect your health but your performance also , how can you possibly be working to your optimum ability if you're still tired from the night before.

There are a few remedies on the market at the moment that seem to have worked well in trials , one of them is a system called Breathe Eazy , these come in a pack as strips you place over the bridge of your nose. They are also useful if you are suffering from sinusitis or a cold. The other is a contraption that holds your jaw in place as you sleep and this appears to have had positive results in clinical trials you can find it here Snoring Solution, It's a little pricey but unlike Breathe Easy it's reusable so good value in the long term.

If gadgets to help are not within your financial means there are methods you can try that don't cost anything, sleeping with an extra pillow will help a lot of people, it might not eliminate snoring completely but will lessen it, try and always sleep on your side not on your back , sleeping on your back makes snoring much worse.

Whatever you are able to try , do try something because this mild irritation could well be sending you to an early grave if you do not.

Tracy Collins March 2012

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