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Sunday, 27 September 2009

John Gotti's children reveal family secrets for the first time

CBSnews reports that for the first time ever, the children of mafia man John Gotti reveal secrets of what they knew about him in an exclusive interview with “48 Hours Mystery” correspondent, Troy Roberts.

They report that Victoria said she loved him but could not stand the life he lived. She stated, I loved the man, but I loathed the life, his lifestyle.Prosecutors say my father was the biggest crime boss in the nation.If you really want to know what John Gotti was like, you need to talk to my family. We lived this life.

She also said that she realized early in life that her family was different from others. She stated, “I think I realized early on that my family wasn’t like other families.Growing up, my parents tried to hide a lot of things from me,from all of us.I think you grow up scared, anxious all the time.”

Peter Gotti also chimed in and said that he used to get excited by just knowing that his father was still alive. He stated, “I used to get up as a young boy and I used to get excited when I would go and see that my father was alive. When I would hear him snore, I’d know he made it home.”


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