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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Alex and Derek King killed their father in 2001

Alex and Derek King killed their father in 2001. Alex (12) and Derek (13) killed Terry King, their 40-year-old father in his Cantonment, Florida house. Alex and Derek King blazed the house to conceal the evidence. At the age of 18, Alex is a free man now.

The horrible incident took place in 2001 and when the news spread people were shocked to learn about the most notorious and tarnished killings in the history of Florida State. The news gained so much attention that it became a National Headlines. Everyone was curious to have a glimpse of the murderer kids aged mere 12 and 13 years, respectively.

The innocent looking angel-faced brothers Alex King and Derek King killed Terry King while sleeping in a living-room-sofa, delivering in the head 10 powerful strokes with the help of a metal baseball bat. And then in order to conceal the evidence and hide the brutal slaying of their dear daddy, the kids set the house ablaze.

When noticed by others, the firefighters were called in who feverishly fought the fires and located the body which was not supposed to be located or found.

The youngest among the ‘killers’ Alex was released on a Wednesday morning on April 9, 2008 who turned 18 by the time he served 6 years imprisonment as his ’share of the pair’ for the crime he committed.

The kids were arrested in November 2005 for their brutal act. Their arrest unveiled another shocking aspect that as a matter of fact, it was Rick Chavis, a neighbor and a sex-offender who convinced and motivated the innocent kids to kill their father. Why? To enjoy his sexual relations with the younger kid!

‘He brainwashed us to believe our father was abusing us emotionally’, said the kids before the authorities. He gained the trust of the kids up to an extent that they acted upon his evil plan and manipulated the wrong man, their own father.

Rick Chavis received 35 years life in prison, being the ‘mastermind’ behind the tragic incident.

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