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Monday, 7 September 2009

Friday Night Lights movie

You don’t have to like sports movies to enjoy “Friday Night Lights”. You don’t even have to be a fan of the game. This film will captivate you regardless of which side you stand on as the viewer. It’s a powerful, enduring masterpiece that sticks with us long after witnessing its glory. This is a sports picture at its very finest. Unlike subjectively similar movies, director Peter Berg gives us a reason to watch his film. He inspires us, using every ounce of his screenplay to win over his audience. It manages to move past common clichés, taking a unique approach to this widely used playbook that is the sports-drama concept. Much like a winning football team that would rather the stadium lights not go down, the audience is disgusted when the theater lights pour in on them come the end credits.

Berg doesn’t just work the characters into the story, he works the story around the characters. There is a reason these people love the game. Whether its problems at home, torn relationships or failing class, when the players step on to the football field…they have a reason to live. Berg lets the audience know this.

The camera work has a lot to do with the effect “Friday Night Lights” has on the audience. It captures every gripping moment, every step the characters make, every powerful line of dialogue and it molds them into the very best sports movie that has ever been made.

“Friday Night Lights” is a true winner. It’s a motion picture touchdown that holds a significant message and allows the audience to feel what every football player feels when they step onto the field. This is an absolute must see!

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