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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Economic Suicide and the ABC's of Deprssion

The 'pump' part of the government orchastrated 'pump and dump' is almost over. The stock market 'dump' is getting close at hand.

The following article is by Ty Andros

Many analysts are calling an end to the recession. No way, we are only in a countertrend bounce in economic activity before the next leg DOWN. One has to look no further than the incredible bounces of 50% or more in markets halfway to the lows from 1929 to 1933, or in post-bubble Japan since 1989 to see the parallels. The social welfare states of the G7 and their spawn known as FIAT currency and credit financial systems have just masked the unfolding death of their economies. As public serpents, er...servants implement their plans for MISERY SPREAD WIDELY, also known as SOCIALISM, which forces more and more desperate voters into their grasp.

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