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Friday, 7 August 2009

Michael Crabtree going down a dangerous path

In a nation that often seems to lack the principle historically required from its great and just people, it is reassuring to see that, once again, a select few are willing to stand up and fight for what is righteous.

First, on Wednesday, we learned that Paula Abdul, our modern-day John Adams, is walking away from American Idol after the show refused to pay her more than $5 million per season. Then, one day later, Michael Crabtree, the San Francisco 49ers' recent first-round pick and a sure-handed, slow-afoot J.J Stokes impersonator, insisted he is more than willing to skip the entire season and re-enter the draft should San Francisco not meet his demands -- believed to be in the range of $23 million guaranteed.

For those of you who automatically pooh-pooh the so-called greed of folks like Abdul and Crabtree, I say -- Have you no decency? This, my friends, is not greed. Not indulgence. Not covetousness. Not selfishness and not piggishness.

No, this is just plain old stupidity.

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