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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Trial of the Champion

The Trial of the Champion is the new 5-Man instance introduced with Patch 3.2. All the items dropped by the bosses here are epic (ilvl 200 in normal mode and ilvl 213 in heroic mode).
* Heroic Mode (ilvl 213)
* Normal Mode (ilvl 200)
ilvl Type Spec Slot Item
213 Axe Melee.DPS Two-Hand Edge of Ruin
213 Dagger Spell Main Hand Spectral Kris
213 Gun Phys.DPS Ranged True-aim Long Rifle
213 Mace Phys.DPS One-Hand Aledar’s Battlestar
213 Mace Spell MP5 Main Hand Mariel’s Sorrow
213 Polearm Phys.DPS Two-Hand Marrowstrike
213 Sword Tank One-Hand Peacekeeper Blade
213 Plate Melee.DPS Feet Plated Greaves of Providence
213 Plate Melee.DPS Legs Legplates of Relentless Onslaught
213 Plate Melee.DPS Shoulder Majestic Silversmith Shoulderplates
213 Plate Melee.DPS Wrist Vambraces of Unholy Command
213 Plate Spell MP5 Hands Gauntlets of Revelation
213 Plate Spell MP5 Legs Legplates of the Argent Armistice
213 Plate Spell Waist Trueheart Girdle
213 Plate Tank Head Helm of the Crestfallen Challenger
213 Plate Tank Shoulder Regal Aurous Shoulderplates
213 Mail Phys.DPS Chest Chestguard of the Ravenous Fiend
213 Mail Phys.DPS Hands Gloves of the Dark Exile
213 Mail Phys.DPS Shoulder Pauldrons of Concealed Loathing
213 Mail Spell Hit Shoulder Pauldrons of the Deafening Gale
213 Mail Spell MP5 Waist Girdle of the Dauntless Conqueror
213 Leather Phys.DPS Feet Treads of Dismal Fortune
213 Leather Phys.DPS Head Mask of Distant Memory
213 Leather Phys.DPS Wrist Armbands of the Wary Lookout
213 Leather Spell Hit Feet Barkhide Treads
213 Leather Spell Hands Gloves of Dismal Fortune
213 Leather Spell Legs Leggings of the Snowy Bramble
213 Cloth Spell Hit Feet Boots of the Crackling Flame
213 Cloth Spell Hit Head Gaze of the Unknown
213 Cloth Spell Chest Embrace of Madness
213 Back Spell Hit Back Kurisu’s Indecision
213 Finger Spell Hit Finger Sinner’s Confession
213 Finger Tank Finger Mark of the Relentless
213 Neck Phys.DPS Neck Ancient Pendant of Arathor
213 Neck Spell MP5 Neck Symbol of Redemption
213 Neck Tank Neck The Warlord’s Depravity

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