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Saturday, 8 August 2009

How does Criss Angel walk on water?

How does Criss Angel walk on water?

Criss Angel wore shoes when he walked on water across one length of a swimming pool. One disbeliever swam under the water to see how Criss Angel walked on water. People thought there was something under his feet for him to step on. Criss Angel discarded his shoes and he carried on walking on water until he reached the other end of the pool.

Criss Angel appeared to concentrate hard as he placed one foot slowly over another foot as he walked on water. There did not seem to be any support under his feet. The lower half of his trouser legs became wet as some water splashed onto them. His shoes did not do the trick as even after he dropped his shoes into the pool, he continued walking on water until he reached the side of the pool.

If people suspected that Criss Angel was suspended from above by invisible wires, or that the video taping was faked, these allegations were not visible in the YouTube video.

Maybe, just maybe, Criss Angel used a nylon or steel cable that was strung across to walk on the support. His weight did depress his shoes and they were seen getting wet.

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