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Friday, 18 September 2009

Archer the animated spy spoof

Last night saw the premiere of “Archer,” an animated spy spoof. The animation did not receive any promotion and the usual fanfare that goes with a new TV series. Pressdemocrat.com said that if you did not know about it, then you would not have known that it was on.

There are to be six episodes of “Archer”, but as animation takes too long, there are only two ready yet. The Network did like the two episodes that they have already shown, so are going to show the rest of the episodes in January 2010.

Archer is described as James Bond meets “Arrested Development, and by watching the two video previews, you can clearly see that he is a jerk of a spy who works for his mother. He seems to spend more time making fun of his co-workers than he actually catching the dad guys.

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