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Friday, 18 September 2009

Volkswagen L1 car revealed

If a man is not passionate about cars then there must be something wrong with him. Sadly I cannot afford one, but if I did then in a couple of years I would like to own the Volkswagen L1 car. At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 a lot of cool cars showed up, however, this high-tech car shaped like a bullet caught the attention of most people. The Volkswagen L1 concept car will probably be released within three years and it will definitely make an impact, although it’s a hybrid car.

Most people runaway upon hearing of a hybrid car, and that’s understandable but only if you cannot find a place near your home to recharge the batteries on your car. The Volkswagen L1 concept is powered by a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain which manages 189 miles per gallon, and reaches a top speed of 99 mph. Pretty impressive, right?

It’s nice to see many giant car makers who get into the hybrid cars business, or is it the EU regulations who forces them to do that? I don’t really car as long as all hybrid cars feature a design as stunning as the Volkswagen L1 concept.

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