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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Sports network ESPN today plans to air a tribute to Sal Aunese

Sports network ESPN today plans to air a tribute to Sal Aunese who played for CU as a Quarterback in 1987 and 1988. Sal had a very short sports career as he fell prey to inoperable stomach cancer in 1989.

This show is part of the ongoing ESPN series to cover College Football which covers the background of various college super stars of their time.

Sal Aunese was survived by his wife and a five-month old son, T.C. McCartney. Incidentally TC McCarney is now a quarterback at LSU. The plot of the documentary is something showing the son who is trying to walk in the footsteps of his dad.

ESPN’s show covering the Sal Aunese will start on Friday evening with a version of the story airing on ESPN Radio’s The Sporting Life at 9 p.m. MT. A shortened version of the segment will air on College Gameday, which airs beginning at 8 a.m. MT on ESPN.
Sal Aunese Biography and Wiki Info

Sal Aunese was 20 years old and few inches shy of 6 feet when he started as Colorado’s junior starting quarterback. He was close to 200 pounds. He continued to be the starter all through 1988 and led his team, Buffaloes, to an 8-4 record, passing for 1,004 yards and running for 397. He had won the job early in 1987 as a sophomore.

Sal Aunese was diagnosed with cancer on March 30, 1989, and he died six months later. Colorado dedicated the 1989 season to him and went 11-1, losing 21-6 to Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl. The Buffaloes won the Associated Press national title a year later.

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