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Thursday, 17 September 2009

glee tv show glee episode 3

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Josh Groban guest starred on tonight's episode of FOX's "Glee," which wasn't quite as strong as the season opener, but still has me plenty optimistic about the jokes and songs to come. The theme of tonight's after school special, boys and girls, is Confidence. Well...confidence, and Josh Groban.

Acafellas: Will, stung by criticism of his choreography, forms an acapella group with some of the other improbably gifted at harmonizing male teachers (and, later, Finn and Puck). And I gotta say, it was pretty hysterical watching Ken Tanaka getting down with the boy band dance moves. Will's confidence blooms when the Acafellas (yes, the obligatory musical pun name) get a great reception, and he attributes Terri's increased interest in him (once a week!) to said newfound confidence. Sadly, it looks like she's just in it to get knocked up for reals.

Sandy is initially out of the group due to general creepiness, but claws his way back in by promising to deliver penpal Josh Groban at their next gig: the concertiest PTA meeting ever. They sing "I Wanna Sex You Up" (ha!), and while it turns out Josh Groban is just there to give Sandy a restraining order, he did love the show. Plus, he sketchily picked up Will's drunk mom, so that's something. And teaching Finn and Puck to dance like the Backstreet Boys reminds Will of how great he is at it (teaching, not dancing like the Backstreet Boys...though he's not too shabby at that, either), so he decides to turn his focus back to imparting wisdom and away from adult boy bands. Good call, Will. Good call.

Sewing the seeds of destruction: Quinn and her cheerleading minions convince Rachel that Will's choreography is terrible, and that they need Dakota Stanley, famed show choir choreographer and "Beauty and the Beast" understudy candelabra (and hateful dictator), to get them to regionals. With Will's confidence shaken and attention elsewhere, everyone but Finn decides to bring Dakota on. He immediately kicks Artie out for not trying hard enough...at walking. In fact, he slams everyone but the cheerleaders, causing a mass walkout until Rachel fires him. And wouldja look at that? They have the confidence to embrace the things that make them different after all!

amberriley_glee_290.jpgGoing after the gleeks individually, the Cheerios convince lovelorn Mercedes to try and date poor, flaming Kurt. With Rachel and Tina's "Gayvention" unsuccessful, Mercedes mistakes Kurt's friendship for a relationship and breaks his windshield when he tells her he's in love with someone else (Finn). Mercedes' loss is our gain, as she treats us to a suitably angry "Bust Your Windows." And dang, she's not just a great singer - Amber Riley's got moves, too. Kurt finally comes out to Mercedes, tearfully telling her that she's the first person he's told. Awww.

Since the glee club is back with a vengeance, Sue revokes the failed Cheerios' tanning privileges for the rest of the semester. One of them breaks down in tears, but Quinn simply thanks Sue for teaching her that when you really believe in yourself, you don't have to bring other people down. What the-? Intriguing development...

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