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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Jodie Foster's girlfriend -- did she dump Foster?

Jodie Foster's girlfriend -- did she dump Foster?

That's the gossip today -- that Jodie Foster is "devastated" after being dumped by her lesbian lover Cindy Mort. Mort reportedly walked out of the couple's LA home after a series of heated fights.

Foster met the writer/producer on the set of The Brave One in 2006. The couple started living together following Foster's split from long term partner, producer Cydney Bernard. Foster was hush-hush about her sexuality for years, then and decided to come out of closet in 2007 when she acknowledged her 15-year relationship with Bernard at an award ceremony.

Hopefully it's just a rumor. No one wants to be dumped -- especially before the cold months start to set in! If it's true, be The Brave One, Jodie.

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