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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Susan Boyle’s Wild Horses Video

Susan Boyle, who came in second place during the last season of Britain’s Got Talent, made her U.S. debut last night on the stage of the season finale of America’s Got Talent.

Her performance was pre-recorded in front of a full audience who cried and cheered when she sang the Rolling Stones song Wild Horses, the new single from her debut album Echo, which will be released in November by Sony BMG record label. She was greeted warmly by Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne after the performance.

The 48-year-old church volunteer and overnight singing sensation from West Lothian, Scotland arrived stateside over the weekend and has been staying at Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles. She is slated to meet with Simon Cowell, who has publicly declared that he will do everything he can to protect her and promote her in the appropriate way to ensure her future success.

View more photos (click to expand) and see two videos: Susan Boyle’s Wild Horses performance and her recent Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot below.


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