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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Swine Flu Symptoms Checker

Swine Flu Symptoms Checker,Swine Flu Incubation Period:A swine flu symptoms checker is commanding a lot of water cooler talk today. The swine flu symptoms checker has been released by NHS Direct in Great Britain, and is just one of many different swine flu symptoms checkers that are being released by websites and health advice websites seeking to get information to the public. One thing to make sure that you don’t do is pin all of your facts on to information that one of these swine flu symptoms checkers gives you back. They should really only be used as a resource, and that medical advice (in person) is always a better way to deal with flu symptoms.

One of the main things that everyone needs to stay focused on, is that the symptoms of swine flu and the average flu virus we have all contracted before a very similar. In fact, there isn’t one singular symptom that someone will recognize that will tell them if they have the H1N1 virus or something completely unrelated. This is why the swine flu symptoms checkers aren’t the best tools, because it could give you false information about your flu symptoms, and possibly put a scare into you that is not needed at the time. I have linked the NHS Direct flu symptoms tracker at the end of this article, but only use it with caution.


  1. i have just seen the dr for the flue . which i have all the symptoms of swine flue . i suffer from ashma as well . she said i had it more than 48 hrs and i should be ok . she gave me antibiotics for a chest infection . which should help if its not a virus . is this right . thank you

  2. I would keep a close eye on it to be honest and dont hesitate to call her back , im not sure why you wernt offered tamiflu given that you have underlying medical problems that are indicated for the antiviral.

  3. What tests detect whether you have swine flu? I know a nose swab can detect if you have the flu.